A Mermaid Lives Here - **Reusable Stencil** 8 Sizes Available- Create Mermaid beach signs !
A Mermaid Lives Here ~STENCIL~
Get your favorite paint colors ready to create!
The STENCIL lettering is vertical and available in 8 sizes.
The sizes listed is the size of the lettering design, not the outside edge of the mylar material. 
Choose your size from SIZE OPTIONS at the bottom of this ad. 
The tallest two stencils 10x28 and 12x28 verticals are in 2 Pcs. which you can easily tape together to form one tall stencil.
We added color to the photo #1 to add interest.. :) The stencil is blue mylar.
Your stencil will ship out within 3 business days or less USPS upon receipt of your order. 
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Oklahoma Stencil 2015
10 inches W x 18 inches Tall $22.95
10 W x 20 Tall $24.95
10 W x 22 Tall $26.95
12 W x 18Tall $24.95
12 W x 20 Tall $26.95
12 W x 22 Tall $28.95
10 W x 28 2 PC $29.95
12 W x 28 2 PC $31.95