FRESH CUT FLOWERS.... Stencil.... Available in 3 sizes- Create Cottage Signs!
The **STENCIL** design is available in 3 sizes.
The sizes listed is the actual size of the total design,
not the outer edges of the mylar material. 
Select the perfect size for your project in SIZE OPTIONS at the bottom of this ad. 

We added a photo of a cottage sign our friend Kim created using the **STENCIL**. The ad is for a **STENCIL** which is blue mylar. 
Have fun using your favorite paint colors!

Stencil material is transparent blue. This ad is for the STENCIL not the sign.


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Oklahoma Stencil 2016
18 inches W x 13 inches Tall $20.95
20 W x 14.5 Tall $22.95
22 W x 15.5 inches Tall $24.95