It's a Wonderful Life- STENCIL- 6 Sizes Available- Create AMAZING signs Yourself!


This stencil is designed to create your own signs! 
The 1st photo show what our sign looked like after testing the stencil!


The 6 sizes listed is the actual size of the total lettering,

not the outer edges of the mylar material.


This ad is for the stencil not the sign. 

Will be shipped out within 3 business days from the day your order is received.

Thank you for your order!



To see all of our key chain designs click on the red link below.

12 inch W x 3.5 inch Tall $12.95
14 W x 4 Tall $14.95
16 W x 4 Tall $16.95
18 W x 4.5 Tall $18.95
20 W x 5 Tall $20.95
22 W x 5.5 Tall $22.95